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Connect to Klaviyo to control the full look and feel of the e-mails your customers receive.

Enable Klaviyo

To enable Klaviyo, first validate your api key.
Then make sure to setup all flows in klaviyo itself.
For a full tutorial see our Klaviyo Integration docs.
Syner will add a couple of triggers to Klaviyo which can be used to setup flows
  • "Syner Signup": When a customer signs up. Make sure to send them instructions on how to receive a reward
  • "Syner Choose Reward" (only used for product campaigns): After the customer shares their items they get an email to choose their reward.
  • "Syner Reward": The customer will get their discount code
  • "Syner Reminder" (optional): When a customer did not share their purchase on social media for a while, this metric is triggered.
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Upgrade account

For growing webshops, up to 2.000 monthly orders
100 invites per month
$0,20 per extra invite
For bigger webshops, up to 5.000 monthly orders
500 invites per month
$0,05 per extra invite